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Olympia Law, PC: Our Services

There are situations in people’s lives when they will require the services of a law firm. From handling the estate of a recently departed loved one to seeking personal injury compensation and damages from a liable third party, there will be times when the legal implication is too much for an ordinary person to handle. These situations require the experience of a legal professional. In most cases, a person seeking legal services will approach a law firm. At Olympia Law, PC, we specialize in real estate, bankruptcy, immigration, business and commercial litigation, and personal injury law.

Real estate litigation

Real estate litigation can include an umbrella of services. These range from foreclosure defense, breach of contract, and construction defense, to name a few. The service you need is dependent on your real estate situation; it’s better to get an assessment of your case before committing to a particular real estate litigation service.

One of the most common real estate litigation services are foreclosure defense and breach of contract. These cases help save both leasers and renters from unscrupulous practices of some real estate agents. The lawyers here at Olympia Law PC have extensive experience in dealing with foreclosure cases. Aside from delivering highly personalized service, our customer reviews reflect the professional and successful handling of foreclosure cases.

Business and Commercial Litigation and Bankruptcy Law

The firm’s experienced bankruptcy attorneys represent debtors in all bankruptcy filings and adversary cases. Based on experience, the most common services required from bankruptcy attorneys are discharging debts through liquidation and reorganizing debts to get clients back on track. These services help save businesses or employers from financial ruin and acquiring immense debt.

Just because you’re going out of business does not mean that all your assets have to go too. Read testimonials here in our website to learn more about our reliable service and expertise when it comes to bankruptcy law.

Personal injury cases

When we talk about personal injuries, a law firm is not the first thing that comes to our mind. But after the physical pain has subsided and when the hospital bills need to get paid, that’s when most people realize that they need a law firm to help them sort out who gets to foot the bill and who’s really responsible for their injury.

Personal injury cases can be classified as auto accidents, medical malpractice, and bad faith insurance. The most common service requested is usually representation in auto accident cases. Not to say that the law firm is limited to these services—should a client or any of their loved ones have experienced suffering as the result of negligence of another, the lawyers at Olympia Law, PC are more than happy to provide legal assistance for your personal injury needs.

In the end, it’s important to first assess your legal needs before choosing a law firm to represent your interests in the court of law. There are a lot of different law firms with various areas of law expertise. A good way to gauge a law firm’s expertise in such cases is to refer to customer reviews. Browse through our website to read our testimonials and learn what customers have to say about our reliable legal services and expertise.