Olympia Law, PC | Personal Injury 101: The Basics

Olympia Law PC on the Basics of Personal Injury

Throughout the course of our lives, it is quite inevitable that we could run into accidents. Of course, some accidents are worse than others. In this latest blog entry, Olympia Law, PC discusses the basics of personal injury.

Injuries can come from many different sources; it can be an intentional act, the negligent production of dangerous prescription drugs, or even consuming tainted food. When you become injured through no fault of your own, you have the right to file a personal injury case.

A personal injury case is a legal dispute that arises when one person suffers harm from an accident or injury, and someone else might be legally responsible or held liable for that harm. Personal injury law, also known as tort law, allows an injured person to go to civil court and get damages for all losses stemming from an accident. A personal injury case can become formalized through civil court proceedings. There are a variety of reasons to which personal injury cases may be applied:

Accidents. This is one of the more common personal injury cases where someone acts in a negligent manner, and that carelessness causes harm to another person. A good example of this case are car accidents. Car accidents count for majority of personal injury cases in the United States. When an accident happens, usually it’s because someone isn’t following the rules of the road, or driving as carefully as they should have.

Careless drivers are usually tasked to pay for the injuries resulting from the accident. Other incidents include slip and fall accidents and medical malpractice.

Intentional acts. This type of personal injury is when one person harms or injures another with intent. These cases almost always involve the added aspect of a criminal case against the perpetrator. Examples of this include assault and battery, false imprisonment, false arrest, intentional inflictions of emotional distress (IIED claims), and fraud.

Defamation. Defamation of character in the form of libel or slander refers to the fact that a person can suffer an injury to his or her reputation as a result of untrue statements. The average person just needs to prove that an untrue negative statement was made and that actual harm (read: financial loss) came from it. Celebrities or public figures usually need to prove that the untrue statement was made either intentionally or with reckless disregard to the truth of the statement.

In a personal injury trial, a judge or jury examines the evidence to decide whether the defendant should be held legally responsible for the injuries and harm alleged by the plaintiff. A trial is the plaintiff’s opportunity to argue his or her case in hopes of obtaining a judgment against the defendant. No two accidents are exactly the same, so no two personal injury cases will follow the same path. The purpose of the personal injury system is to allow the injured person to be compensated financially after they have suffered harm due to someone else’s carelessness or intentional conduct.

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