Testimonial: Moses EdwardsTestimonial: Mark KarnesTestimonial: Cary Atwood

Testimonial: Moses Edwards

To whom it may concern, I had my house foreclosed upon fraudulently by my lender. Upon this happening I came in contact with Olympia Law P.C who told me that they could assist me with the post foreclosure process and collect any money that i had a legal right to claim among others. I was not convinced needless to say, I contracted all parties they said to call that would confirm the sale. I never contacted them back, yet keep the number. I have been dealing with several illnesses then now and trying to maintain my health while investigating all the letters and I things that I was receiving from different law firms. One year later I came to find out i was a victim of identity fraud and lost my home. I contact Mr. Edward and explained to him what had taken place. The next day Mr. Gohari took action immediately to protect my identity and money. I thank them for being patience with me and walking me through this difficult time. Once again I thank you guys for everything you all have been wonderful. -Nancy

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Testimonial: Mark Karnes

“Dear Olympia Law PC. With an extra special recognition of Mark for working so hard on my behalf. The money you were able to recover for me has more then brightened my world, it has renewed my faith in the goodness of mankind. Every time I was about to give up, Mark would call to reassure me that you all were still working hard on my behalf. His tone was always respectful and encouraging to someone who has gone through a home foreclosure, that means the world. Your company is to be commended for its quality, professionalism and for brightening my world. I assure you Mark will always have a special place in my heart. Great job to all of you. With great appreciation!” -Tessa Gavin

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Testimonial: Cary Atwood

Once our house went into foreclosure, we were just happy to be finished with our business with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. This was a very disappointing time and service for us. Just as we thought, auctioning of the house would be the end of the business with Wells, Fargo, we were referred to Cary Atwood from Olympic Law. We didn’t know what to think and thought it was a scam and we were very worried. Cary sent us the paperwork and my husband and I read over it and decided we had nothing to lose, and if we don’t get any of the surplus funds, then Olympic Law wouldn’t get their fee. So we accepted to have Olympic Law fight for us. We were excited to find out that after the hearing we had been awarded 100% of the surplus monies from the sale of the foreclosure. We want to thank Cary Atwood and Olympic Law for what they have done to help us finally get some closure. It means a lot to us to have the surplus funds after losing so much. What we are receiving isn’t a lot, but we are hoping this will be a beginning to rebuild what we lost. Thank you, again, Cary for your constant communication and Olympic Law for standing up for us.” -Twila & Don S.

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